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Based on 102 reviews
Great Gummies!

Great Gummies! Taste good! And they are good for my immune system

Easy to take

I’m very impressed so far

I recommend it

I really like this product and recommend it. It actually tastes good and doesn’t give me an appetite.

Apple Cider Gummies

They taste good and do not leave an after taste like so many others.

I like these vitamins they are so much better than the regular vitamins.

Great! Tasteless and no texture

I use this every morning in my coffee and it helps me stay regular. It’s tasteless and no gritty or clumping texture like some collagen. I will keep buying!

My lashes are back !

I love this product because it made my lashes to grow back after giving birth, I did not only started to losing my hair but my lashes were way too short to even put mascara on, now I’m getting my second jar because I want more of its magic.

excellent quality great price, super recommend

this collagen I'm loving the results

Crazy hair growth

I do a lot of green smoothies as a meal replacement and don’t like whey or soy protein. Added this to make my smoothies more filling and get some protein and wow! This is 4 weeks after I got my highlights. I can usually go 8 weeks but this growth is crazy. No taste, I’ve even mixed the powder in to clear broth soups and can’t taste it.


I love this stuff. I add 1 scoop to my water first thing in the morning everyday. It’s as simple as that. This real helps to keep my skin clear & glowing. If I go a few weeks without it, I can notice a slight difference. My skin definitely appears and feels more healthy when taking this. I also noticed rapid hair growth. I wasn’t necessarily looking for that but I definitely welcome it! I’ll definitely keep this in my arsenal!

Great product!

We put these collagen peptides in our smoothies and love the extra nutrition and protein we get for our whole family. My husband is an avid swimmer and benefits from this product, and my 2 1/2 year old daughter and I benefits from them in our smoothies too!

tasteless and powerful

My husband and I use the collagen in our coffee every morning. Its keeps our hair and nails looking amazing. It also helps our joint pain and also help heal a wound I had.

Mixes well

Pretty good product so far! Mixes well with warm and cool beverages

Helped me with pain

I started using this when my daughter recommended it to me. Once I started I noticed my knees did not ache like they use to. After about a year I forgot to reorder my supply and didn't think anything of it. My knees began aching again so badly that I immediately bought the collagen again. Unbelievable but they are pain free since I started using it again.

Great for running recovery!

I love this collagen! It is taste free and dissolves really well. I have noticed a total change in my hair, nails, and recovery after running. I love it so much I have it as a subscription

Helps my arthritis

I have pretty bad arthritis in my hands and a friend recommended this product. I have definitely noticed a difference in using this. I have more flexibility in my hands and they don’t hurt as much!

Great Product

I have been using the Collagen Peptides now since March. I use it for its many benefits but primarily I started using it for my joints and skin. Since I've been taking it I definitely see the difference in my skin; being more vibrant. I'm 31 and I never really had acne and I still don't really have any wrinkles but the main difference in vibrancy and an more even tone. My nails also grow a bit quicker and seem to be stronger. I put a scoop of this in my hot coffee every morning and it blends right in. It doesn't clump, which was a problem with other brands that I have tried. This product became apart of my daily morning routine and I highly recommend.

Good in coffee!

I'm using it everyday in my coffee. It mixes easily and I can't taste anything. I feel it working for my joints.

Noticed a difference in just two weeks

I have been a massage therapist for 8 years and have noticed in the past year (after having a baby) that I have been experiencing more joint pain and difficulty with muscle recovery after a long day of work or several days of working out. I had a client tell me about her experience taking collagen for her arthritis. So I thought I would give it a try. I was definitely skeptical because there isn't a whole lot of solid research on the effects of taking collagen. But I must say after taking it for just two weeks I noticed a difference in my joints and muscle recovery. To my surprise I am more pain-free and able to work and work out more comfortably.

Best Gummy

So far I am in love with this product. The flavor is amazing and I can’t believe it’s healthy for me. I used to do the ACV drinks but I’m so glad I switched to the gummy’s. They are sooooo delicious🙌🏻

I really love this product. Mixes well in my drinks both warm and cold. I'm seeing a difference i...

So far so good!

Absolutely worth getting!!

Great product with the best ingredients and method of delayed-delivery. After much research on the best probiotic I found this brand and have nothing but praise for it. Definitely recommend this product.

Delicious and healthy!

We love these! Taste delicious! Easy to chew!

A perfect solution!

Taste! I know the benefit of taking apple cider vinegar everyday but I just couldn't swallow it. This is like eating candy with all the benefits of this medicinal liquid in gummy form. It's a perfect solution.

Best tasting ones that I have found

These are so good! I plan on taking them everyday!

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